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I don't know anyone of these homepagekeepers, but I wish i did. 
I believe that people who can make such wonderful pages must be wonderful people 
I find my self having difficulties by choosing pages I want to link back to. 
There are so many pages I would like everyone to visit, because they are 
so great, sweet, filled with love, and worth spending some time. 
These links I have here is just a few to some great pages, and I just had to choose some. I can't tell what page is best because they are good 
all of them. 
And the links are here to use. 
Spend some time on these pages and enjoy yourself.
Where did all the children go 
Annies Home 
Miss Dj 
Patties place 
Morning glory 
You have got to have a heart 
On angels wings 
Angelswings whispering 
Karens homepage 
The love one another homepage 
Visit Absinths Kitchen, and share a secret. Just click on the graphic and you'll be there.
Circle of Spiritual Women 
This Circle of Spiritual Women site is
owned by Torill.
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Why I made this page
Missing children's ring
Other webrings
They need our prayers
A page for Loth
Here you can look at my first try to make a waterapplet.
Awards and gifts
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Visit Lyngstua's Home Page. This is where I introduce my family and pets. 
Need some 
information? You might find some here
The award from The Roses Among us
Hall of Fame
Background from Loli's
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